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Dear Cork… I Love You

A piece I wrote about my time in Ireland was printed in Cork’s newspaper, The Evening Echo. You can find the article on their website, too. Just click here.

I think travel is extremely important — and I think listening to your heart is the best chance you have at a happy life. This article chronicles my time abroad and what I learned…and it was so much more than I could have imagined.

Largely, I don’t think people understand the beauty, the necessity, and the fundamental importance of getting a little lost. Surprise yourself. Do whatever speaks to your soul. Something incredible is waiting for you.

Below is a small excerpt from Dear Cork:

How do you say goodbye to something you love? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you can’t. No matter what, you probably won’t ever be able to let go completely. Last week I landed in JFK and it felt more foreign and shocking to me than when I first arrived in Cork. Everything was bigger. Louder. I cried during my connecting flight and cried in the airport when I hugged my partner as he kissed my forehead and handed me flowers.

I’ll be hurting for a long time. Adjusting back to life stateside will be hard, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it fully. How could I? Everything has changed and so have I.

All I can do is welcome the pain and remember the source. I’d rather feel and hurt over having had a wonderful year than be stunted, numbed, and too afraid to try anything new. Life is for those who think and search and chase and try and feel and worry and cry and attack the days with all their heart. I think every day you should wake up with the intention of falling in love all over again. Cork, you taught me that.

If I could give you one piece of advice, readers, it would be to submit to your dreams. I did, and it was more than beer and music and writing and even travel—it was a year of investing in myself, of making lifelong friends, and being free.


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