Short Stories


The carpet in the hallway is soft with colorful swirls of red and green and gold. My little white heels dig in and I sink as I walk. I come to the door where mom is but there are so many people around her that I don’t think I can go in. I sit in a hard wooden chair just outside and even from there I can smell all the flowers by mom. The smell is too heavy and it makes my stomach hurt. Flowers are supposed to be outside in the grass or in mom’s garden and I don’t think I like flowers anymore. Cousin Luke comes over and sits next to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. He tells me my hair is shinier than he remembers and that it looks very nice curled and down. I tell him Anna did it for me this morning, but I leave out the part where she accidentally burned my neck. The mark is covered and I don’t want anyone to see.

This story follows Dan, Anna, Lauren, Caleb, and Judy. They are a family. Each has a voice. Each has a story.

Colors was published in issue 6 of The Lonely Crowd. Order a copy here.