A Family of Painters and Poets

My family is full of poets. We are poets because we twist our words. We make things sound better than they actually are. What’s the word? Tricky.

We are the Grants, a multi-talented family. We are also painters. If there is one thing we are experts in, it is the art of the cover up. We develop ideas and splash color on the colorless – a canvas, a carpet, a wall, a roof, each other. It never matters. All that matters is that things appear beautiful, like dad’s landscape painting of the rocky, green shore. It’s so vibrant from the distance, so alive. But get closer. You’ll see the mud. The grainy, itchy sand. The birds and their waste. The trash in the ocean brought in by the waves. Then come the cracks. The cracks in the rocks, in the foundation of the Earth itself.

It’s the tricks, remember? It’s all a trick of light.


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